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Decorative windows are in. Take a drive to our suburbs and look around. Many homes have something which resembles stained glass in their windows and doors. By looking closer you will find that every pattern is pretty much the same. Large door and window companies produce a never ending line of boredom of similar geometric patterns. Consumers who wish something different, something artistic which reflects their individual personality, can not be satisfied by the selection of the next lumberyard. They have to find an artist who will create something after their taste. This search for the right artist might prove to be difficult: There are over-selfconcious artists, who only want to work their own styles and ask for horrendeous prices, and there are others, who work part-time as Hobby-artists and one can never be sure of quality and reliability.

More then 10 years ago Mathias Oehlert founded Branden Gates Studios to give the public what is realy missing: artistic custom-made stained glass windows at realistic prices and reliable quality which can easily be fitted on existing windows.
An industry first is our 100% Satisfaction Guaranty. Our customer orientation payed off : In a short periode of some years  Branden Gates Studios grew to a company with many associates and over thousand windows have been made.

Mathias Oehlert im Ausstellungsraum    Mathias oehlert und Kollegen

We want that more people have access to good stained glass windows and are therefore open to other glass artist who want to work at our high level of quality. Branden Gates Studios is a registered trademark and the public shall know: here works an artist and a craftsman who works for the needs and personal preferens of the client. One can trust the quality and the pricing. All hesitations are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guaranty - if you don't like the finished product, we return your money in full !

 Branden Gates Studios in Toronto           Kanadische Branden Gates Arbeiter

© 2010 by Mathias Oehlert and BRANDEN GATES ART AND PRODUCTION LTD.  (2012 Mathias Oehlert)

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Mathias Oehlert ,  
Impflingen bei Landau i.d. Pfalz,  Rheinlandpfalz, Deutschland, Germany, Branden Gates Studios Canada,  Branden Gates (Siam) Thailand