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Would You like to give your home
the personal look you deserve ?

Do your curtains give you privacy but leave you in the dark ?
Would you like to block unsightly view ?

Welcome to the artistic Windows of Branden Gates Studios !

Here you find many ideas for your personal Stained Glass Window in traditional or modern style. Let us create a masterpiece of art as an expression of your personality in your entrance or hallway window. All places where your neighbours use cheep stained glass imitations or wooden shutters are the ideal place to install our artistic stained glass of remaining value.
Branden Gates Studios stained glass windows are made just like centuries past and are real to the touch. Each window is an individual masterpiece. We installed it against your existing window glass: You do not have to exchange your existing window ! Our low prices make our windows a true alternative to curtains or shutters.

We design your individual Stained Glass Window after your personal taste. Choose from over 200 different glasses, bevels, and semi-precious stones to receive your unique masterpiece in Victorian-, Art Noveau- or Modern Style.

We make each stained glass window in a special metal frame to fit the existing window.
They can be installed within minutes. Easy removal for re-use at another location gives you a lasting and remaining value.

We offer an alternative to wooden shutters or factory made stained glass imitation windows.
Tiffanyfenster für Herrn HW Geissendörfer  Aussenaufnahme von Glaskunst Eingangstüre  moderne Bleiverglasung im Treppenhaus von Mathias Oehlert  Classic Stil Bleiverglasung
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© 2011 by Mathias Oehlert and BRANDEN GATES ART AND PRODUCTION LTD. 

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, Stained Glass in Germany, Stained Glass in Canada,  Stained Glas in  Hongkong, Singapore and Thailand