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Would you like to give your home the personal look you deserve ?
Do your  curtains give you privacy but leave you in the dark ?
Would you like to block unsightly view ?

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Decorative windows in the entrance door are popular. Take a  drive to the suburbs and look around...nearly every house has something which resembles stained glass . By looking closer you will find that every pattern is pretty much the same. ..large door companies mass produce a never ending line of boredom... Branden Gates Studios is offering an alternative  ... our artists design a variety of different styles from Victorian Reproductions to true masterpieces in the Art Nouveau or Art Deco Style...    more
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We make each stained glass in a special metall frame to fit the existing window ... they can be installed within minutes ...easy removal for re-use at an other location gives you a remaining and lasting value....Learn more about the seven reasons which speak for a Stained Glass Window by Branden Gates Studios             moresent an e-mail
Religious Windows by Branden Gates Studiosrepair of stained glass world-wideSpecial work by Branden Gates Studios
From Design to Production to Installation...Synagogue
and Church Windows - world-wide Service
...  more
Small or Repair Service ...of Stained
Glass Windows and Tiffany Lamps...historical correct
and at affordable prices
...                     more
We make our windows according to special wishes...
matching your taste and budget...see pictures of some
very special windows... see prices....     more
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Since 1996 Branden Gates Studios has made many
thousand Stained Glass Windows.. meet some of the
artists...                                             more
Great Gift Idears ... Mini Model Homes... Games...
and many things from the artists workshop   more 
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